Spring Mix Wall Decals

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Spring Mix Wall Decals
Spring Mix Wall Decals

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Spring Mix Wall Decals are an inexpensive and cheery way to brighten any room!

To get multiple color arrangements, place multiple orders of the same
Spring Mix Wall Decals design pack in the colors/sizes of your choice and really mix it up! (The plain, black and white, image below the product image is the actual design you will receive with each order in the color and size of your choice)

Spring Mix Wall Decals are made from 100% interior safe, removable vinyl that appears painted right on the walls! Perfect for permanent or temporary decorating!

Multiple sizes as well as over 40 different colors are available for all wall decals!

Product Details:

Each pack contains 9 floral decals. Choose one of the following, or multiple orders of different colors/sizes to mix and match:

Flower sizes:

24"x12" sheet includes 4"-12" tall flowers

36"x18" sheet includes 6"-18" tall flowers

48"x24" sheet includes 8"- 24" tall flowers

(All design sizes are a close approximation)


Click on blue "Colors" button on the bottom, right of the design image to see all color options for this product.

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