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Use 2 different width of stripes to create this look.
Use 2 different width of stripes to create this look.

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Make your inside wall feel like an outdoor paradise with the Room Stripes Wall Decals!


Why waste time, money, and energy with painting when the Room Stripes Wall Decals have saved you all of that trouble? Designs have many options for orientation that give you the flexibility to change and reposition to your taste if necessary.


Product Details:

Choose between stripe design packages containing from thirty two 0.5" stripes all the way to two 11.5" stripes in width. Stripes available from 4ft to 12ft in length and in the color of your choice. 

Simply peel and stick the stripes from the ceiling to the floor or as you wish. Mix and match colors to uplift any room. With Stripes wall decals the possibilities are endless. 

Tip* Shorten your stripes length by using a pair of scissors. To make them longer, simply connect 2 or more stripes end to end.

All of our vinyl wall decals are removable therefore they are perfect for permanent or temporary decorating. Stripes available in over 40 colors. Our vinyls have a matte finish, they will appear as if the stripes are painted on your walls.

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Navy 1” stripes: Loved!!!
We bought theses stripes to add as an accent for our son’s nursery; they were so easy to install!!! They came on easy to trim sheets and we loved the spacing from the sheet so kept that. Used 3 stripes per wall! Navy was true to color, shipping was fast. Better than expected results!!!
Reviewed by:  from Saint Louis, MO on 4/12/2020
Beautiful on stairs
After painting my stairs a chocolate brown I realized it would look amazing with a stripe running down either side. Knowing how hard it is to paint straight lines, I turned to this product. It was so easy to install. The product comes with a grid on the back so it was easy to cut. When installing if I needed to remove and reapply it still stuck nicely. I have cleaned the stairs and the stripes have not shifted or peeled. People have no idea it is not paint!! Love how they turned out.
Reviewed by:  from Rochester, NY on 1/21/2017
Very cool stripes
I got these in 1" 8ft tall and 3" 8ft tall in slate grey (almost black) and silver. The room looks AMAZING! we just did one wall and i'm thinking of doing some of our other rooms the same way, It looks so good.I am a very satisfied customer. Hint: It was easier for us to cut each one individually and applying them while removing the base paper at the same time. If you mess up you can just peel and re-stick them with out losing any adhesive (good quality).
Reviewed by:  from Canada, Vancouver on 2/28/2012
instead of taping the wall , paint etc.. i got these removable stripes. looks good and all and end result is good, just took us an hr to clean & cover the wall.
Reviewed by:  from DALLAS, TX on 11/24/2011
saved us so much time
we want it to paint one of our rooms with stripes and i was wondering what the best way would be to do it until we found these stripes. life and time saver. they look great. colors very nice and has a matt finish. looks very clean.
Reviewed by:  from texas on 9/30/2011

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