Lets face it, choosing the right decor for your childs room can be a daunting task...besides having to come up with a taste compromise with your little one regarding what really belongs in the room, as far as furniture and its placement is concerned, you still have to choose wall paint colors and what will adorne them...
Here are some easy steps that will turn this task into a fun project.

First picture the room empty... talk with your child and ask him(her) to fill it by placing the furniture in the room the way they would like, then make some adjustments if needed, remember lighting is of the outmost importance. Try to utilize natural light (windows) to your advantage, think about whether the bed or the desk should be bathed in sunlight, should the desk be by the window? will he(she) be distracted from their homework by the view ouside?

Make sure to have plenty of space to put away their toys (chest, armoire, drawers, closet) try to leave the shelves as displays for their favorite ones, that way you ll avoid having the room look cluttered.

As far as the flooring is concerned, whether you choose carpet, vinyl or wood, keep comfort and easy maintenance in mind.

Now for the walls, try to pick a neutral color, think of it as a blank canvas where your children can express themselves. And this is where  Trendy wall design vinyl wall decals are perfectly suited for the job, you can choose from a wide variety of designs, or create a custom one that matches your originality, mix and match design packs with individual ones, the options are virtually endless...
Trendy wall design decals are easy to apply, are made of the highest quality vinyl on the market and Unlike every other site selling designs "printed" onto white sticker material, our designs are cut directly from a color rich vinyl roll. When applied the art will literally appear painted right on the wall. In doing so, you ll be able to personalize your childs walls without encurring the high cost of custom painting, in todays economy, every dime counts...
The other piece of good news is that wall decals are removable, when your child thinks its time for a decor change (and boy do they seem to always want something new!) simply peel off the wall decals and place new ones that better fit their growing taste.
So, to recap, first select the furniture, place it according to taste and function, then pick the colors of the bedding and walls to establish a color scheme, and finally choose the walls decals that your child will love. Here are some recommendations and design ideas to help with the process:

_Try not to cluster the decals, it will make the wall appear crowded.
_Maybe only pick one large design, like a wall clock, a chalkboard or a picture of their favorite idol.
_Be creative and whimsical, perhaps their favorite animal , balloons, dinosaurs, the alphabet or just  their name in custom letters framed by the border of your liking.
_Be inspirational, pick a quote that will lift their spirit or put a smile on their face.
_bring the soothing feeling of nature into the space using trees, branches or the plant of their choice

The sky is the limit, have fun creating the perfect space for your child with the peace of mind and knowledge that it will grow and change as they will...


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