Outer Space Chalkboard Decals

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Outer Space Chalkboard Decals
Outer Space Chalkboard Decals

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*Please note that all of our chalkboards are black, the colors does not apply to our chalkboards!

You get a 26" space ship, a 12" alien, 10" alien, 14" saturn, and 10" moon.  

Let your kids explore the outer limits of their creativity. Space Pack chalkboard wall decals let you draw your own saturn rings and alien faces. 

This is an amazing invention.  Works better than a old school chalkboard.  Wipes CLEAN every time as if it was new.  Use chalk to draw with and erase with a damp cloth like you would normally with a  regular chalkboard.  Our Chalkboard Decals are a thicker vinyl than our normal vinyl decals.  Comes with one free white chalk.  Additional chalk available for purchase.

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