Nursery Contemporary Floral Branch Wall Decal

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Nursery Contemporary Floral Branch Wall Decal
Nursery Contemporary Floral Branch Wall Decal

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Uplift your kids bedroom with the Nursery Contemporary Floral Branch Vinyl Wall Decal!

Create some memories with your kids while cheering up their room! Wall Decal is easy to install without the hassle of cleaning a brush, roller, or drop cloth when you’re done! Just a touch of fun is all you need to include!

Product Details:

Includes 36 flowers (16 large and 20 small) Choose decal orientation, branch size, branch color, and flower color.  After branch is installed, arrange flowers to your liking! Unlimited possibilities!


Contemporary Branch Flowers Vinyl Wall Decal sizes:

24"x10" Branch Includes 1"-1.5" flowers

36"x14" Branch Includes 1.5" - 2" flowers

48"x19" Branch Includes 3" - 4" flowers

62"x24" Branch Includes 3.5"- 5" flowers

78"x30" Branch Includes 4.5" - 6.5"flowers


Design sizes are within a close approximation.


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