There are only 2 different ways you can apply your decal

A.with transfer tape

B.without transfer tape

If your decal did not come with transfer tape please skip to Method B

Method A 

How to professionally apply decals with masking tape on them.

Tools Needed:


Any kind of tape to secure your decal

Squeegee or a credit card

Clean Damp Cloth


Lay your decal flat and with your hand, credit card or squeegee get the wrinkles out
you may cut between the quotes or designs that are NOT connected to apply them separately (specially if they are large decals. It doesn't apply to this sample picture because the design is connected).
Clean the wall with a damp cloth
Secure your decal with tape 

Gently pull up on the transfer tape. Make sure that ALL of the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape. Pull till you reach the center

Tip: If your decal sticks to the base paper and not the transfer tape gently apply pressure on the opposite side of the tape (non sticky side) to help adhere the vinyl to transfer tape

Cut half of the base paper

Use a squeegee , credit card or your hands to apply the decal on to the wall

Tip: use strokes outwards from center


Remove the base paper on the other side and do the same

SLOWLY remove the transfer tape making sure that ALL vinyl sticks to the wall.  if some part of the vinyl does not stick to the wall as shown in the picture just lay it back and press on that particular part with your finger, credit card or squeegee

*Tip - If the vinyl is reluctant to stick to the wall and sticks to the transfer tape you can wet your transfer paper with a damped /wet towel or cloth and let it soak the water for about a minute. This will weaken the adhesive bond between the transfer tape and vinyl allowing easier removal.

And done!

Method B

Decals without transfer tape like polka dots, wall stripes, rings and dots 

Many of the wall decals like polka dots, urban squares,  retro rings, and more do not require transfer tape. You can just peel the decal off and apply it to the wall. Just make sure that you clean the wall with a damp cloth before applying wall decals.