Wall Decal Installation Without Masking Tape On Them

Chalkboard Wall Decal Installation

Wall Quote Application Video

Wall Stripes Application 

Tree Wall Decal Application

Please make sure to clean your surface with a dampened towel and let it dry for 10 minutes to achieve the perfect long lasting decal application results.

*Tip - If the vinyl is reluctant to stick to the wall and sticks to the transfer tape you can wet your transfer paper with a damped /wet towel or cloth and let it soak the water for about a minute and this will weaken the adhesive bond between the transfer tape and vinyl allowing easier removal.

If you have any questions about installations, please email or call us and we will try to guide you the best we can.

*Note: Trendy Wall Designs is Not responsible for the installation of your decal(s). If you need professional installation please refer to your local directory and seek professional help or find someone that has experience in decal/s installation.