Dry Erase Film Strip Wall Decal

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Dry Erase Film Strip Wall Decal
Dry Erase Film Strip Wall Decal

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These are the best Dry Erase Decals available on the market. They are easy to install. First apply your film then place the dry erase decals on top of the film. 

Now put that unsightly "to do" list aside and replace it with this amazing, new Film Strip Dry Erase Decal from Trendy Wall Designs. What an awesome addition for the office, or as a place to keep your task reminders in the home! Stylish and functional! 

Design Size:
40"x23" includes three writing surfaces of 15"x12" dry erase decals. 

Tip* to make your film dry erase longer, simply purchase more than one and connect them together. 

All sizes are within a close approximation

This is an amazing invention. Wipes CLEAN every time as if it was new.  Use a marker to draw with and cloth to erase with, just like a regular dry erase board but much cooler!

Dry Erase Decals are made from a thicker, shinier vinyl than our normal matte decals.  Please note that all of our Dry Erase Decals are the color white. Our color selection does not apply to our Dry Erase Decals. 

Click on our color chart to view all available colors for the film color. 

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